Parcel Delivery – 
Safe behind your door

Beyond at-home, there’s in-home

 At-home delivery is not a new concept. Used books, new shoes, vintage furniture, garden tools, and sportsgear have been shipped to our homes for years now. But what if you could leave behind missed deliveries that require your signature and multiple attempts? What if you could move on from bags and boxes being left on your doorstep? With Yale InHome in partnership with your delivery providers, whatever you order for home delivery can be placed and waiting for you in the safest place possible – inside your home.

One step further

You’re already comfortable with at-home deliveries. But it’s not without its challenges. With Yale InHome and your postal service provider, you’re allowing your packages to be waiting for you one step further – from at your doorstep to safely placed behind your door. 

Your providers. Our partners

Homes are our private spaces, meant only for the trusted to be welcomed in. That’s why we’re partnering only with the home delivery and service companies you already trust and are familiar with – managing encrypted temporary access for your providers to securely enter at the time you allow.


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New partners coming soon...

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Yale InHome in action

You order your sneakers online.

We ensure your postal service provider can secure your in-home delivery.

Parcels wait for you not just at home, but safely in home – or behind any door with a connected Yale Smart Lock.

Yale InHome – The Future of Smart Home Access

Enable more access with Yale InHome

It takes time to take care of our homes and our treasures inside them. Which is where Yale InHome steps in – to save you time while still providing the quality care you need where you need it most, directly in your home. 

Grocery delivery

Grant limited and encrypted access for your local grocery store to fill your fridge or freezer – safely storing your order until you return back home. 


  • Is this service included if i buy a Yale Digital Door Lock?

    Yale InHome is an add-on service that includes insurance. Even though we are convinced that the service is desired and appreciated among many of our customers, we want to make this a voluntary choice for our customers.
  • How do i order an In-Home Delivery?

    In general, these will offer you an InHome delivery instead of ordinary home delivery when possible. If that is the case, you will receive an access request in your smart lock app. If you grant, you will receive an InHome delivery. If you deny, no access will be issued and delivery is made in another way, for example as a home delivery without access. For exact details, please contact the specific partner delivering your order.

Before you start

Please find your activation code in the Yale In-home section of your Yale Access app before you start. More information in our Help Center.


Use the service

Once enabled, you can have packages and other services delivered inside your home by our trusted partners.