Beyond your doorstep - Step by Step

Welcome Yale InHome into your home

On your time, off your hands.

The first step in granting secure indoor access to the companies you trust is to connect a compatible Yale Smart Lock to your Yale InHome subscription using the Yale Access app. Then, do as you normally do when placing an order for a home delivery or service.

Yale InHome steps in as the middleman between your trusted service provider and your smart locked door – could be a front door, back door, garage or even a shed. All you need to do is choose a specific and limited time for them to enter. For every access you allow, Yale will share an encrypted temporary code to the company – all trackable and controlled in your Yale Access app.

No need to give away permanent codes or lend out an extra set of keys. No worries about damaged, lost or missed deliveries. Stay in control and insured with convenient in-home access from Yale InHome.

How it works

Approve limited-time access for deliveries and services to securely enter your home by following these simple steps. 

Step 1

Install and connect the essential hardware

Install your Yale Smart Lock and accessory onto the door of your choosing. Download the Yale Access app onto your smart phone.
And enable your Yale InHome subscription using the in-app activation code. 

Step 2

Order a home delivery or service

Once you have your Yale InHome subscription enabled and connected to your Yale Smart Lock and Yale Access app, you can continue as you normally would – ordering goods and services to your home from the companies you already use and trust. 

Step 3

View the access request in our app

With your order placed, you’ll receive a request from the company in your Yale Access app. You can approve, deny or suggest a delivery or service time. For all authorized entries, an encrypted temporary code is then created and sent by Yale to the person performing the delivery or service. 

Step 4

Monitor every access in the Yale Access app

While Yale manages the temporary code with the company, you still maintain complete control through your Access app. You can follow
every access from request to completion for each delivery or service, including cancellation at any point. 

Yale InHome insurance

Everything in your home is valuable to you. And Yale InHome ensures its value is never lost, thanks to the specially developed insurance included in the monthly subscription. When home insurance only goes so far, Yale InHome goes the extra mile – covering what your home insurance won’t for every access used.

What you need

Whether you’re new to Yale smart home security or you’re already a Smart Lock and Access app user, Yale InHome becomes possible in your home, business, or property using these compatible components. Buy a full set or shop individual products to get started today.

Yale Connection kit

Install the Yale Access Connection kit. Connect your Smart Lock to your Yale Access app to enable and manage your Yale InHome subscription.

Yale Doorman L3

Connect your Smart Lock to your Yale Access app to enable and manage your Yale InHome subscription. why-yale-inhome-new inhome-newinhome-newinhome-new

Yale Linus

Install the Yale Keypad. Connect your Smart Lock to your Yale Access app to enable and manage your Yale InHome subscription. manage your Yale InHome subscription.


  • Is this service included if i buy a Yale Digital Door Lock?

    Yale InHome is an add-on service that includes insurance. Even though we are convinced that the service is desired and appreciated among many of our customers, we want to make this a voluntary choice for our customers.
  • How do i order an InHome Delivery?

    In general, these will offer you an InHome delivery instead of ordinary home delivery when possible. If that is the case, you will receive an access request in your smart lock app. If you grant, you will receive an InHome delivery. If you deny, no access will be issued and delivery is made in another way, for example as a home delivery without access. For exact details, please contact the specific partner delivering your order.

Before you start

Please find your activation code in the Yale In-home section of your Yale Access app before you start. More information in our Help Center.


Use the service

Once enabled, you can have packages and other services delivered inside your home by our trusted partners.