FAQ + Insurance


  • What is a Yale InHome subscription? 

    A Yale InHome subscription allows you to share restricted access with one of our approved delivery service partners so that they can leave a package or groceries that you have ordered securely inside your home or property. The restricted access is granted by you through your Yale Access app.It works via an encrypted code that a delivery agent is sent and can use to open your Yale smart lock during a limited time frame. A Yale InHome subscription can be used by all household members and includes an insurance package for protection on every access.
  • How do I give temporary access to a delivery agent with a Yale InHome subscription? 

    If you have a compatible Yale smart lock and accessory you can use a Yale InHome subscription to grant a temporary access request, via the Yale Access app, to one of our delivery service partners. When you grant an access request, an encrypted temporary code is then created and sent by Yale to a device operated by the delivery agent performing the delivery. The code can only be decrypted in that particular device. Once decrypted, the delivery agent can see the code that can be used to access your Yale smart lock. The access request is only active during a specific time window. Outside of that time window, it cannot be used to access your Yale smart lock.  


  • What insurance does a Yale InHome subscription include? 

    We have created an insurance package, with our insurance company Berkley, that is specifically designed for InHome deliveries. This is included in aYale InHome subscription. This insurance package ensures that our customers are covered when a delivery agent enters the home. We trust our delivery service partners and their agents, but we want our customers to feel as secure as possible.
  • What does the insurance cover? 

    You can find out more details about what kind of damage and loss and the amount in monetary value that the insurance covers in theinsurance terms.

  • What will happen if something gets stolen or broken during the delivery? 

    We hope that you will not experience this situation. But if you do, please read the insurance terms where you will find instructions on how to proceed with your claim.
  • How do I make a claim for losses or damages? 

    You can find out how to make a claim and who to contact in the insurance terms.  

Partners and other services

  • What do you mean by "trusted partners"? 

    We only cooperate with delivery service partners we trust, and we will ensure that all our delivery service partners execute deliveries responsibly.
  • When will you add more partners to the Yale InHome subscription? 

    Our aim is to rapidly expand the number of partners available.
  • Can I suggest partners that I would like to be included in the Yale InHome subscription? 

    Yes, please let us know if you have suggestions. You can also contact the company that you have in mind directly and ask them about their plans to offer In-Home deliveries.
  • What kind of services will you make available in the future? 

    Our aim is to partner with companies that offer food delivery services, cleaning services, dog walking services, dry cleaning services, carpentry services, elderly care services, personal assistance services and many other services.
  • What companies can I get In-Home services and deliveries from now? 

    You can see who our current delivery service partners are at our partners page.

    We are looking to rapidly expand the number of partners that we work with, which means that many exciting new In-Home services and deliveries will be available. Our goal is to enable you to share access with a company whenever you need to, securely and conveniently, through your Yale InHome subscription.

  • In which regions and postal code areas can I get In-Home deliveries? 

    Please visit our service delivery partners’ websites to make sure that In-Home deliveries are available in your region.
  • How do I know when I buy things online that I can receive it as an In-Home delivery? 

    If you are shopping from an e-commerce retailer who uses one of our service delivery partners, you should be able to select In-Home delivery at the checkout stage of the purchase process. You can check with your e-commerce retailer whether they use our service delivery partners. 
  • Will your delivery service partner charge me anything extra if I order an In-Home delivery?  

    This is up to our delivery service partner and may differ between partners. 
  • What happens to my order if delivery is not possible? 

    Please contact the specific partner delivering your order for exact details.
  • How do I know that the delivery agent will not use things in my home or look at my personal items when they access my home? 

    An InHome delivery normally takes less than one minute to complete from the time your door is initially accessed. You can trace the exact time your door was opened and closed again in your Yale Access app, enabling you to estimate if the amount of time the delivery agent spent in your home was reasonable.

Delivery, Orders and Other Services

  • How do I order an In-Home delivery? 

    If you are shopping from an e-commerce retailer who uses one of our service delivery partners, you should be able to select In-Home delivery as the delivery choice in the checkout stage of the purchase process.
  • What kind of deliveries can I receive with a Yale InHome subscription? 

    At the moment you can receive groceries and parcels and packages with a Yale InHome subscription. We aim to rapidly expand the number of services available.
  • Is there any shipping or return fees for an In-Home delivery? 

    For exact details, please contact the specific partner delivering your order.
  • What do I do if I have a home alarm, pets or I am unexpectedly at home when the delivery is made? 

    Please check the website of the particular service delivery partner making your InHome delivery to check what to do in these circumstances. 
  • How do I change or cancel my order? 

    For exact details, please contact the specific partner delivering your order. 
  • How do I cancel my Yale InHome subscription? 

    If you want to cancel your Yale InHome subscription you can log in to your Yale InHome subscription account and select “unsubscribe”.
  • When should I contact Yale InHome?  

    Please only contact us for support related to the Yale InHome subscription, such as updating your account details and how the service works. For support with your Yale smart lock or other related hardware, please contact the retailer where you purchased the lock from. If you need support with the InHome delivery, please contact the delivery service partner directly.



Getting started

Everyday use


Coming soon!

This service will soon by available in Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö and five more cities where you currently

have parcel delivery services.


Before you start

Please find your activation code in the Yale In-home section of your Yale Access app before you start. More information in our Help Center.


Use the service

Once enabled, you can have packages and other services delivered inside your home by our trusted partners.