Your next-generation smart home solution

The security and access you need

Sure, with a smart lock and its set entry code, you can share unlimited access to the people you trust. But Yale InHome takes it one step further. Yale InHome enables secure and temporary in-home access to the companies you trust. So you don’t have to be at home in order to let them safely into it. Think of Yale as the middleman between the deliveries and services you need and the businesses that provide them. From parcel and grocery delivery to home care, home and rental services, we’ve partnered with the companies you already use – so you’ll be more comfortable granting them limited encrypted access. And for further peace of mind, the monthly subscription includes insurance giving you superior protection for your home and belongings.

Step into the Future of Smart Home Access with Yale InHome, and allow your trusted companies to safely step beyond your doorstep.

Beyond a smart lock

Share encrypted temporary digital keys with the delivery and service providers you trust

Protect your home with our monthly subscription and included insurance

Enjoy easy operations and great control with the Yale Access app managing access

Whatever you need at home, make it safe with Yale InHome.

How it works

Once you have your compatible Yale components, you're only a few steps away from bringing Yale InHome into your home and habits.

Step 1

Install and connect essential hardware

Step 2

Order a home delivery or service

Step 3

Approve temporary and secure access

Step 4

Monitor every access in Yale Access app

What you need

New to Yale smart home security? To make Yale InHome possible for your home, business or property, you’ll need these components.

Yale Smart Lock

Choose from a selection of compatible Smart Locks and accessories. 

Yale Access App

Connect your Smart Lock to the Yale Access app using WiFi

Yale InHome

Enable your Yale InHome monthly subscription with included insurance.

Feel safe with Yale InHome

Homes are your private spaces, meant only for the trusted to be welcomed in. That’s why we’ve insulated Yale InHome with multiple premium security measures – enabling greater control, comfort and convenience.

Security expertise

When it comes to home security, we mean business. Because it is our business, and has been for over 181 years. From mechanical locks to smart locks to now an ecosystem of smart home security, we’ve applied our experience and expertise to the next generation of smart home access – Yale InHome.

Your providers. Our partners.

Deliveries for goods and food have become a part of our lives. That’s why we’re partnering only with the home delivery and service companies you already trust and are familiar with – managing encrypted temporary access for your providers to securely enter at the time you allow. t

Yale InHome Insurance

Everything in your home is valuable to you. And Yale InHome ensures its value is never lost, thanks to the specially developed insurance included in the monthly subscription. When home insurance only goes so far, Yale InHome goes the extra mile – covering what your home insurance won’t for every access used.

Deliveries & Services

It takes time to take care of our homes and our treasures inside them. Which is where Yale InHome steps in – to save you time while still providing the quality care you need where you need it most, directly in your home. 

Parcel Delivery

Ensure your postal service keeps your parcels safe and waiting for you not just at home but safely in home – or behind any door with a Yale Smart Lock.

Grocery Delivery

Grant limited and encrypted access for your local grocery store to fill your fridge or freezer – safely storing your order until you return back home. ...................................................................................


It takes time to take care of our homes and our treasures inside them. Which is where Yale InHome steps in – to save you time while still providing the quality care you need where you need it most, directly in your home. 

  • Is the Yale InHome subscription included if I buy a Yale smart lock?

    The Yale InHome subscription is an add-on service that includes an insurance package. Even though we are convinced that many of our customers would strongly value and appreciate a Yale InHome subscription, we want you to make your own choice about whether it is something for you.

  • How do I activate my Yale InHome subscription?

    Before activating your Yale InHome subscription, you will need to have installed your compatible Yale smart lock and accessory onto the door of your choosing. You then need to download the Yale Access app onto your smart phone and enable your Yale InHome subscription with the in-app activation code. Once enabled, you can the start having parcels and groceries delivered inside your home by our trusted delivery service partners.


Before you start

Please find your activation code in the Yale In-home section of your Yale Access app before you start. More information in our Help Center.


Use the service

Once enabled, you can have packages and other services delivered inside your home by our trusted partners.