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About Yale In-Home

  • What is Yale In-Home?

    Yale In-Home is a service for Yale Smart Lock owners. It enables you to share a temporary and encrypted access to your Yale Smart Lock with one of our approved partners. They can then provide in-home deliveries and services to your home or wherever you put your Yale Smart Lock.
  • What is Yale In-Home delivery?

    With in-home delivery, things like packages and groceries can be delivered inside your home even when you are not there. You can share a temporary access with the delivery company, so they can access the smart lock on your door and complete the delivery. 
  • What is Yale In-Home service?

    An in-home service means that you can share a restricted access with one of our approved partners so they can for example clean your house or walk your dog when you are not at home.
  • What is Yale?

    Throughout the world, Yale continually introduces smart home security solutions to protect the people and things we love. Yale with its 180 years of security expertise is committed to innovation and is constantly expanding the product offerings. Yale belongs to the ASSA ABLOY Group. Read more at:

  • What is ASSA ABLOY?

    ASSA ABLOY is the global leader in access solutions. Our purpose is to everyday help people feel safe, secure and experience a more open world. Read more at

  • How does Yale In-Home make it possible for the lock to give out temporary access?

    With Yale In-Home, your lock becomes connected to our access cloud that can issue and distribute encrypted digital keys on your command. The digital keys are stored on the lock and activated during a specific time window so the delivery or service agent can enter.

  • Is this service included if I buy a Yale Digital Door lock?

    Yale In-Home is an add-on service that includes an insurance. Even though we are convinced that the service is desired and appreciated among many of our customers, we want to make this a voluntary choice for our customers.

Using Yale In-Home

    • What is an access request?

      If you are using Yale In-Home, our partners can request access to your home or property which will appear in your smart lock app. The access request is generally issued after you have ordered a product or service that can be delivered in-home. It is your choice to grant or deny the request in the app.

    • How do I order an in-home delivery?

      Some of our partners offer in-home delivery (see partners section in FAQ). In general, these will offer you an in-home delivery instead of ordinary home delivery when possible. If that is the case, you will receive an access request in your smart lock app. If you grant, you will receive an in-home delivery. If you deny, no access will be issued and delivery is made in another way, for example as a home delivery without access. For exact details, please contact the specific partner delivering your order.
    • Why is it important which email or phone number I specify towards partners of Yale In-Home?

      This is important so they can look up your account and send an access request to your Smart Lock app. Therefore, you need to use the same email address or phone number towards our partners as you are using in the app.

    • Which kind of deliveries could I have delivered with Yale In-Home?

      This depends on our partners offerings. Our aim is to offer a wide range of partners providing different kinds of deliveries and services. See Partners & Services section for an updated list of partners.

    • Is there any shipping or return fees for In-Home deliveries?

      We are not involved in specifying shipping fees or other details around an in-home delivery. Instead, this is up to our partners to decide and might differ between our partners. For exact details, please contact the specific partner delivering your order.

    • How do I change or cancel my order?

      We are not involved in processing your delivery order, so this differs depending on which partner that is delivering your order. For exact details, please contact the specific partner delivering your order. If you want to cancel your Yale In-Home subscription, this is possible on my account page. See the Personal Account section.

    • What do I do if I have pets at home?

      We love pets! But please make sure that your pet doesn't have access to your hallway to make the delivery as quick and safe as possible for both your pet and our partner's delivery and service agents.

    • What happens if I'm unexpectedly at home when the delivery is made?

      Don’t worry. Most of our partners instruct their personnel to ring the bell before entering. If you open, they will act as they would do if it was a normal home delivery.

    • Can I get age restricted items delivered with Yale In-Home?

      Hmm tricky one! Some of our partners might offer age restricted items like alcohol and tobacco. We would like to refer to these partners directly in order for you to get correct information around their policy.

    • How many deliveries can I have during a day?

      There is no particular limit, but there might be limits depending on how many pin codes the lock can store. For example, Yale Doorman V2 & V2N can only store 10 pin codes which can be used by for example family members and for in-home services and deliveries. Yale Doorman L3 can store a much more generous amount of pin codes.
    • What happens to my order if delivery was not possible?

      We are not stating the terms for the actual delivery, so this differs depending on which partner that is delivering your order. For exact details, please contact the specific partner delivering your order. If there is a technical problem with the access, please contact us.

    • Can I communicate with the delivery agent through my smart lock app?

      We do not facilitate any direct communication with the delivery agent. Instead, this communication interface can be offered by the delivery partner. However, there is a possibility to write instructions for the delivery and service agent when granting the access. There you can specify if there is a code to use for the common door of the property or guide them to where the correct door can be found.

    • There is an outer common door to the building, will the delivery agent be able to access that door as well to get to my apartment?

      Many large logistic companies have ways to entering the common door with codes or keys. What you can do to help the delivery or service agent is to specify if there is any code that could be used on the common door. This can be specified in the Smart Lock app while granting the access request.
    • When should I contact Yale In-Home?

      Please only contact us regarding support related to the In-Home service, such as updating your account details, how the service works and In-Home subscription. For support with your lock or other related hardware, please contact the retailer where you purchase the lock. If you need support with the delivery, please directly contact the delivery provider.


    Hardware & Software requirements

      • What is required to be able to subscribe to Yale In-Home?

        Yale In-Home works with Yale Smart Locks. There are a few different set ups that are compatible:

        Setup 1: Yale Doorman V2 & V2N + Yale Connect + Yale Access module
        Setup 2: Yale Doorman L3 + Yale Connect
        Setup 3: Yale Linus + Yale Connect + Yale Keypad

        These setups are used with the Yale Access app available on Google Play and Apple App Store. We are also looking for Yale In-Home to work with additional ecosystems in the future.
      • Does it matter which lock I have?

        Yes, the service works with Yale Doorman (Version 2, 2N & L3) and Yale Linus Smart Locks.

      • How do I know which version of Yale Doorman I have?

        The version number is printed on the front of the lock, below the door handle.

      • Why do I need the Yale Connect to make Yale In-Home work?

        Yale Connect makes Yale Smart locks connect to the Internet, which is needed for the service to function.

      • Where can I buy compatible locks and the other hardware to be able to use Yale In-Home?

        There are many retailers, locksmiths and online stores that sell Yale Smart Locks and accessories. We are not able to recommend any particular, but Google should give you many options!

      Installation & Sign up

      • What is an activation code?

        The activation code makes it possible for you to subscribe to Yale In-Home. If you have a compatible setup, you can access the code in your smart lock app, and then submit it during the signup process.

      • Where can I find the activation code to sign up for Yale In-Home?

        In Yale Access app, press Yale In-Home in the menu, read the introduction screen about the service and press continue. If you have all necessary hardware, the code will be displayed at the screen.

      • I have signed up for the service but cannot enable it in the app, why?

        The first thing to check is if you have got a welcome email from us. That is a confirmation that your subscription is activated in our systems. If you have, the second thing to check is that you have used the same email address when signing up as you are using in the app.

        If both are true and you cannot enable the service, please restart the app and try again. If problem persists, please contact us. If you need to change your email address, please log in to your Yale In-Home account and change email under Edit account menu.

      • I have signed up for the service but did not receive an email confirming it, why?

        Please check your trash emails just in case. Also, please log in to your account and check that the email address specified is correct. If help is needed, please contact us.

      • I've subscribed for Yale In-Home, what will happen now?

        Wait for the welcome email from us. After that, you will be able to enable the service in your smart lock app. When that is done, you can start using our partner's in-home delivery and service offerings in your region. Please look at our Partner section.

      • Why is it important that I use the same email when signing up, as I use in the app?

        This is because we need to associate your Yale In-Home subscription account with the correct Smart Lock app account. The subscription is valid for the email address you have submitted on your Yale In-home account.

      Partners & Services

        • Which companies can I get deliveries and services from?

          As our absolute first service to launch, we are launching with our partner Posten Norge AS. Posten delivers home delivery packages in-home for our subscribers. As a Yale In-Home subscriber, the only thing you need to do is to accept the access request from Posten, and your home delivery will automatically convert to in-home delivery.

          We are looking to rapidly expand the number of partners, which means that many new exciting in-home services and deliveries will be available. Our goal is that whenever you have the need to share access with a company, you should be able to do it securely and conveniently through Yale In-Home.

        • In which regions can I get In-Home services and deliveries?

          Posten’s in-home deliveries are currently available in the Oslo region. To know for sure, we would like to refer to Posten for latest updates.

        • How do I know when I buy things online that I receive it as an In-Home delivery?

          Delivery companies that partner with Yale In-home would generally send an access request automatically before delivering to you. If you grant the request, you will receive the package as an in-home delivery. If you deny, the delivery company will in many cases offer a normal home delivery to you instead.

        • Does an in-home delivery cost anything extra?

          This is entirely up to the delivery company and may differ between our partners. In many cases, an in-home delivery would be priced as a normal home delivery. We could even imagine that the in-home delivery could be priced lower than a normal home delivery, since it opens for much more flexibility for a delivery company.

        • What do you mean by 'trusted partners' of Yale In-Home?

          This is our promise to you as a customer. We only cooperate with partners we trust and will look out for that all our partners execute the service responsibly towards our customers. If you have any complaints how a service is carried out, please let us know.

        • When will you add more partners to Yale In-Home?

          Our aim is to rapidly expand the number of partners available. Still, there is a bit of programming that needs to be going on for a new partner to be available (if you are familiar with technical terms: our partners need to integrate to our backend and every integration needs to be thoroughly tested and approved before launch). But work is going on behind the scenes, so expect new partners to launch as we go!

        • Can I make new suggestions of partners that I would like to be included in Yale In-Home?

          Yes, please let us know. You can also express your suggestion to the company directly and ask about their plans to make in-home service or deliveries available.

        • Which kinds of services will you make available in the future?

          Our aim is to partner with companies that offer cleaning services, dog walking, dry cleaning services, different kinds of carpentry services, food delivery, elderly care, personal assistance and many other services. Our goal is that whenever you have the need to share access with a company, you should be able to do it securely and conveniently through Yale In-Home.

        • What happens to my order if delivery was not possible?

          We are not stating the terms for the actual delivery, so this differs depending on which partner that is delivering your order. For exact details, please contact the specific partner delivering your order. If there is a technical problem with the access, please contact us.



        • Which insurance does Yale In-Home work with?

          Together with our insurance company Berkley, we have created an insurance specifically designed for in-home services and deliveries. This is included in the subscription. We have created this to make sure that our customers are covered when a delivery or service agent is entering the home. We trust our partners and their personnel, but even with the best intentions, mistakes can be made.

        • What does the insurance cover?

          The insurance cover damages and losses on up to 25 000 NOK if no other valid insurance exists for the case. If other valid insurance exists, our insurance cover the insurance deductible up to 5000 NOK.

          If the damage or loss is higher than 25 000 NOK, our insurance helps to claim compensation from the liability insurance that our partner has. For more details, read more in our insurance terms.

        • What will happen if something get stolen or broken during the delivery?

          We hope that you will not be experiencing this situation. But if it happens, please let us know and we will help you out to get compensation as soon as possible.

        • Will the delivery get filmed by the delivery agent?

          This depends on the partner. Some partners might provide an interface for you to watch the delivery etc. in their own app or other solution. We have chosen to not make this a requirement towards our partners, as their services and capabilities differ significantly. Instead, some of our partners might decide that this provides value for their customers and will provide their own interface for this.

        • I would like to raise an insurance complaint, how do I do?

          Please contact us in the contact form below.


        • What does secure temporary access by ASSA ABLOY mean?

          Yale is part of the ASSA ABLOY group, the global leader in access solutions. Yale In-Home is built upon a secure temporary access solution developed by ASSA ABLOY. Every credential issued is encrypted and can only by decrypted in the device of the person who the access is issued for. Therefore, we can assign personal responsibility for the credential and track when it is used. Every credential issued is also unique and can only be used during the time window specified for it. This gives you full overview of when the access is used, and by which company. Ultimately, it keeps you safe and confident that no one has access to your home, apart from what you have approved and can control.

        • If I grant an access request, how do I know who is going to access my door?

          Every credential issued is encrypted and can only by decrypted in the device of the person who the access is issued for. Once decrypted, the delivery or service agent can see the code that can be used to access the door. Therefore, we can assign personal responsibility for the credential and track when it is used. Your Smart Lock app will provide you full visibility of which one of our partners that has entered your home.

        • How do I know that the person is not using things in my home, looking at my personal items etc.?

          First of all, you will get a time stamp for when the access you have granted is used, and when the service is completed. Therefore, you can estimate if the amount of time spent in your home is reasonable for the specific service that is made. An in-home delivery is normally completed within one minute of accessing your door.

          Secondly, it is in our partner's interest to provide the service as smooth as possible. If they receive complaints, they lose customer confidence and can ultimately result in a ban from the platform.

          The final thing you can do, is to set up cameras to track the delivery or service, or geofencing your home so that the alarm goes off when certain areas are entered.

        • Can I give a review on a delivery or partner?

          You cannot currently, but we might introduce in the future.

        • Do I know when someone enters my home?

          Yes absolutely. You can track exactly when and which one of our partners that is entering your home from your Smart Lock app. Mobile notifications are available for several of the events on the door, such as service started and completed.

        • Can the code of the delivery agent be re-used?

          Yes, but just as long as it is valid. Once the delivery agent has confirmed that the delivery is completed, the code cannot be used anymore. The code can also never be used when the valid time window has passed.

        • What if I regret that I granted an access?

          Don’t worry, you can always revoke the access (in your Smart Lock app) so it can’t be used anymore.

        • I don't like how a certain company is handling the service. Where can I complain?

          Sorry to hear about that. Let us know in the contact form below and we will contact you to learn more.


        Personal Account

        • I have a new phone number, how do I link it to my Yale In-Home account?

          You can update the phone number in your Smart Lock app and then start using that phone number with the service. This means can use the phone number towards our partners, so they know to which Yale In-Home account to send the access request.

        • How do I change my current email address and other details?

          You can do that by logging in to your account and visit the Edit account menu.

        • I am going to move to another address, do I need to change something on my account?

          Yes, the service and insurance are valid for the address you have specified on your Yale In-Home account. If you want to move, you need to log in to your account and add a new subscription for the new address. Don’t forget to also cancel your current subscription for the previous address if desired.

        • Can I use the service on more than one address?

          Yes, but you need to subscribe for every address. A subscription is only valid for and insuring the address you have specified. You can add as many subscriptions as you want by logging in to your account and follow the process.

        • What is the cancellation policy for the subscription?

          When you cancel a subscription, you can still use the service until the end of the billing period which you have paid for. The billing period is one month and ends depending on which day in the month you subscribed. The cancelling date for the subscription is visible on your account after you have cancelled it, so you can always check there if you are unsure.

        • Is it possible to suspend my subscription?

          We do not offer temporary suspensions. If you know you will not use the service for some time, the best thing you can do is to cancel the subscription and then create a new one on your account page when you are ready to start again.

        Do you have more questions?


          Before you start

          Please find your activation code in the Yale In-home section of your Yale Access app before you start. More information in our Help Center.


          Use the service

          Once enabled, you can have packages and other services delivered inside your home by our trusted partners.