About the Service

Share access securely to approved partners

Yale In-home gives you the ability to share access to your home with trusted partners. It might sound simple, but opens up a new world of opportunities. It means that your package can be delivered inside your home whilst you are out. It means that you don't have to worry about giving out permanent pin codes or keys to a cleaner or dog walker. So you can be in control, wherever you are. 

180 years of security expertise

We understand that the most important thing is that your home is secure at all times. That's why we have designed the service with security in mind all the way. Control and manage your door from everywhere through your Smart Lock app. Grant access to one of our trusted partners for a specific time window and monitor when the access is used. Each access granted is encrypted, traceable and only valid during a time constrained window.

Insurance included

Together with our insurance partner we have created an insurance specifically designed for in-home services and deliveries. The insurance is included in Yale In-Home, so when an access is used to access your home, you are covered.

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Trusted partners

Our partners are what makes Yale In-home exciting, and we work hard to extend the number of services available. An increasing number of approved partners will be added continuously, and depends on the region you are in. To check the latest for your region, please have a look at our FAQ.

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Price Plan




Before you start

Please find your activation code in the Yale In-home section of your Yale Access app before you start. More information in our Help Center.


Use the service

Once enabled, you can have packages and other services delivered inside your home by our trusted partners.